My name is Shawn Carter—yes, just like the one and only Jay-Z.

I’m a Senior Product Designer, currently at (formerly SurveyMonkey). I work on a Customer Experience (CX) product called GetFeedback that helps businesses understand their customers at every point of their journey.

I’m originally from Hawaiʻi and grew up on the Big Island in a small town called, Pāhoa. I grew up next to an active volcano. That’s normal, right?

Like a typical tech nerd, I currently live and work in the San Franciso Bay Area. I have been here for the past ten years. Did I mention I’m a tech nerd?

My design philosophy

I believe that products and services should make their users better versions of themselves. My favorite metaphor to reference is Super Mario Bros.

Whenever Mario gets a mushroom, he grows bigger, and when he gets a leaf, he can fly. My favorite, however, is when he gets a star, he becomes invincible. Go, Mario! It’s your birthday!

I am committed to putting products into the world that make users a better version of themself.


So whaddya say? Should we start working together? I’d genuinely love that. Let’s make it happen! Direct message and add me on Linkedin.

Did I mention that I love mentoring? I am a mentor on ADPList. Book a free session with me to help grow your career in design or tech.