Aloha, I’m Shawn Carter

Whether it’s a simple t-shirt design or a sophisticated product experience, my passion is creating things that human beings love. I believe that products and services should enable people to be happier and better versions of themselves.

I’ve lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 10 years. During this time, I’ve been blessed to be able to evolve from a graphic designer to a senior product designer and design mentor.

A lecture and workshop on Prototyping that I did at UC Berkeley in 2018.

I was born and raised in Hawaii. Hawaii has influenced me as a person to exude the friendly and approachable vibe that people there are known for.

Exploring my hometown, Pāhoa, on the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s always great to be home.


When I’m not designing, my side hobby is learning languages. I’ve been studying Japanese for three years, and recently I’ve been taking Spanish lessons. I’m also a huge animal lover and care deeply about animal rights issues.


I look forward to working with you someday! Contact me at or direct message me on LinkedIn.